Lohnsteuerhilfeverein Berlin e.V.

DLG Dialog Lohnsteuerzahler Gesellschaft Lohnsteuerhilfeverein e.V.

Save taxes: Become a member of the Lohnsteuerhilfeverein!

Tax consultants charge for every consulting service – we do not. As an income tax assistance association, we take care of your tax return for you, help you with all financial issues and plan tax-saving options. You save a lot of money, a lot of time and save your nerves.

How do I become a member?

Make an appointment in a
counselling centre

Download and fill out the registration

Bring your application and sign it on site

How much does membership in DLG e.V. cost?

All consulting services are free of charge.
You pay a one-time admission fee of € 25.00.
You pay an annual membership fee between 50,00 – 360,00 €.
The amount of the contribution depends on your income.

The Membership ends by written notice by 30 November of the current year for the coming year.

Who can become a member?

They are among the following: 

Employees, civil servants, civil servants, trainees, pensioners, pensioners, maintenance recipients?

You earn income from…

… non-self-employed activity in unlimited amounts or recurring salaries (e.B. pensions) or maintenance payments?

… Capital assets, letting and leasing or from speculative transactions and the income from them do not exceed a total of EUR 18,000, with spouses assessed together corresponding to EUR 36,000?

Then we can welcome you as a member of our Lohnsteuerhilfeverein and advise you!

Contact Us!

Discretion and the protection of your data is important to us! Your message to us will be transmitted encrypted via SSL. Your IP address as well as the date and time of the request will be transferred to the email. Your data will be treated confidentially. We save them exclusively for the purpose of contacting you and do not pass them on to third parties.

We will automatically send you a copy of your details.

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